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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy


This document details Agatha’s policy regarding the personal information (defined in Section 2 below) disclosed to Agatha by any user, hereinafter referred to as “the User/ Users”, of the Agatha mobile application and www.agathame.com website, hereinafter referred to collectively as “the Website”. By utilizing the Agatha website or mobile application, Users acknowledge that they have read and accept this Privacy Policy. If Users would like to exercise any rights under this Privacy Policy, have any questions, comments or complaints regarding our practices, or if they believe that Agatha has not adhered to this Privacy Policy, they may email Agatha at customercare@agathame.com


2.1. Definition

For the purposes of this document, the term “personal information” shall refer to any information from which the User’s identity is immediately apparent or can be easily discovered. Personal information may thus include but is not limited to the following:

  • Names
  • Dates of birth;
  • Residential and/or postal addresses;
  • Telephone numbers;
  • Email addresses.

By utilizing Agatha’s services and providing such personal information, Users consent to the practices described in this document. Users should be aware of the risks involved in sharing such details via the Internet; Agatha will not be held responsible for any damages or losses occurring in connection with these external risks. Users also acknowledge acceptance of said risks, indemnifying Agatha from any and all liability for damages or losses arising out of their use of the Website.

2.2.Disclosure and Usage

Personal information will be used exclusively for the purposes for which it is collected and will not be shared with any entity without the expressed consent of the User in question, unless Agatha is required by law to do so.

The aforementioned purposes include the following:

  • Service delivery;
  • Confirmation of the User’s identity;
  • Direct marketing.

Additionally, Users’ personal information may be added to Agatha’s database for ongoing marketing and educational purposes. Any such communication will include the option for Users to decline the receipt of any more of it in the future (see Section 3).

2.3.Removal from Database

Users may request the removal of their personal information from the Agatha database at any time by emailing customercare@agathame.com

2.4.Access, Accuracy and Correction

Users are encouraged to emend any incorrect or out-of-date personal information by accessing their accounts on the Website. Agatha will not be held responsible for errors or losses occurring as a result of incorrect information supplied. (See Section 4.)


Every promotional Agatha text message, email, or other form of communication sent to the User will include simple instructions for how to action his/her immediate removal from the particular mailing list, if he/she so chooses. Users can also contact Agatha directly to opt out of receiving any further promotional material by calling 800 AGAT (2428).


Agatha has taken every possible measure to secure the Website using industry-standard technology. However, because of the open and unsecured nature of the Internet, Agatha cannot completely guarantee the security of Users’ personal information. By sharing information with Agatha, Users agree not to hold Agatha liable for any breach of security or unintended loss or disclosure of information due to the fact that the Website is linked to or associated with the Internet in any way.

Agatha endeavors to take all reasonable measures to secure Users’ personal information and keep it confidential. If the User provides false or inaccurate information, Agatha will not be liable for using or relying on said information. Agatha will also not be liable for any outdated information, if Users fail to keep Agatha updated. Users’ personal information is stored behind industry-standard firewalls and, where applicable, protected by usernames and passwords. These are standard forms of protection and Agatha may, in its sole discretion, add or remove protective measures as it sees fit.


Users may need to have cookie-enabled browsers to fully access the Website. A cookie is a piece of data stored on a computer linked to information about its User. Cookies may be used to track Users’ internet browsing activities and the websites they have visited.

Agatha may, for statistical, security or quality-assurance purposes, use cookies to log the following information:

  • the User’s internet protocol (IP) address;
  • the date and time of the User’s visit;
  • the pages the User has accessed and the documents he/she has downloaded;.
  • the type of browser the User is utilizing


The Website may contain links to other websites; Agatha is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites. Users should familiarize themselves with the privacy statement of any new website before providing personal information to its owners. The Agatha Privacy Policy only applies to personal information collected by Agatha or through the Agatha Website.

Agatha will not be held responsible for any losses arising from or in relation to access to any website separate from that of Agatha. By using the Website and providing personal information, Users formally and knowingly accept all the risk involved in accessing such a site upon clicking on the link provided.

Users also acknowledge that any website accessed through a link provided on the Website is not part of Agatha, employed by Agatha, or associated with Agatha in any way other than for the reasons for which the link has been provided. Users should get to know any website (and its privacy policy) that they access through links before doing so.


Agatha may, from time to time, review, amend and update this Privacy Policy. Agatha encourages Users to review this Privacy Policy regularly to stay abreast of the latest practices regarding personal information.

Agatha will not be held liable for any loss or damages caused if Users fail to read the amended or updated Privacy Policy. This is each User’s responsibility and Agatha will not be held liable for any consequences of any User’s failure to read these updated documents.